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Kia informed Lim Chang-yong (42) of the discharge.

A high-ranking Kia official met Lim Chang-yong at a certain place in Gwangju on the afternoon of June 24 and officially announced his release.

Lim made his professional debut in 1995 in Haitai. Lim Chang-yong, who became a cash trader with Samsung after the end of the 1998 season, once again received pain from his hometown team three years after wearing the uniform of Kia in 2016. 

Lim had five wins, five losses, four saves, and four holes this season. His ERA was somewhat higher at 5.42, but he changed to a starting pitcher in the middle of the season, only to be sluggish for a while.

It is rather surprising that the sudden news that the Kia Tigers gave to Lim was unexpected. Kia''s mound is still weak and lacks certain resources to replace him.

However, there was a rumor that Lim and the coaching staff were at odds during the season. Lim Chang-yong, who was struggling, was suddenly notified of his second military service in early June. Not only Lim Chang-yong but also coaching staff were excluded from the group. Afterwards, the coaching staff returned to the first division at the same time as the start of the second half. It is rare for the coaching staff to join the first division again after being sent to the second division during the season. There was no special explanation from the club. In response, baseball circles have raised the possibility that Kia will not sign a contract with Lim next year.

Lim Chang-yong pitched for the team when the Kia Tigers were in trouble this season. When the closing pitcher left the team, Kia reached out to him, while Lim showed his confidence as the youngest reliever in the KBO league history. Lim made up for the team''s weaknesses in the selection, middle and final.

As a result, he was a pitcher in all weather. Until early May, which was his 14th game since the opening, he had a four-hole ERA of 2.40. On May 13, Samsung Electronics in Daegu recorded the best save record in the KBO league at 41 years and 11 months and 9 days. For a while, he played in the final game instead of Kim Se-hyun, who had been sent to the second division due to his poor pitching.

From the second half of the season, he changed into a starter. 안전놀이터 추천 Since his break at the Asian Games in September, he has returned as a pitcher who can trust in five innings. He pitched more than five innings out of seven games including the game against Nexen on September 6 and the game against Lotte on October 12. Quality start (QS) with a minimum of six innings or more than three earned runs has also increased three times. In particular, Yang Hyun-jong''s injury at the end of the season and his slump at Paddine and Lim Ki-young continued to maintain the starting mound along with Hector Noesi.
Although he was already eliminated in the wild card game, he could not guarantee Kia`s advance to the postseason without Lim Chang-yong`s performance. On the 12th, when Kia decided to advance to the wild card final, Lotte had three runs in the 51⁄3 innings. He failed to become a pitcher due to the error of fielder after being sent down to second base with a 3-2 lead, but showed off his inner strength that he would be the starting point for victory in a demanding game. If Kia lost the game (the 143th of the season), the fifth-place battle had to take place with Samsung and Lotte until the last game. Rather, the most sought-after position was Kia. According to the regular season, the fifth-ranked Kia Tigers are only ahead of the sixth-ranked Samsung Lions in terms of winning, and the seventh-ranked Lotte Giants is only one game ahead of the team. 
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