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หัวข้อกระทู้ Hanhwa "Internal FA is not strictly a player who belongs before contract"

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Hanhwa "Internal FA is not strictly a player who belongs before contract"
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Hanwha Eagles is clearly drawing a line.필리핀아바타 It is the position to follow the rules. Inside the FA, three people are using Yoo Gyu-gyu (33) Songgwangmin (35) and Choi (33) are still tug of war. 

Hanwha officials said on October 3, "After FA declaration, it is not our player to be strictly speaking from the moment of announcement. In the same vein, if FA players do not sign a contract, they will not be allowed to accompany the training in Okinawa on October 31. " "In the professional part of the contract, we have to minimize the emotions," he said. "I think the team that runs the team has to worry about a lot of things. 

From January 31 to March 9, Hanhwa will take a spring camp at the Kodita Stadium near Naha city in Okinawa. Hanwha is negotiating a salary negotiation for the 2019 season. It is smooth. Based on the results of last year''s experience of fall baseball in 11 years, this year''s salary negotiation has been the most favorable atmosphere in recent years. No salary contractors can also accompany the Spring Camp. Last year, he failed to put himself on the entire departure plane of the athletes due to the unpaid salary. He was late in the morning on the day of departure, and in the afternoon, he quickly joined the camp with another flight.

There are three major backgrounds for Hanwha to drive three internal FAs. The first is that they are a veteran in their mid-thirties and are not easy to transfer. Lee Yong-gyu and Song Kwang-min are still in the team''s center field and Jujeon third baseman. Even if there are alternative resources, it is strictly speaking that Lee Gyu - gyu and Song Kwang - min are the most likely to compete in the open competition next year. Hanhwa is also a must. But I know there is no place to go. In the case of Choi, the team suffered the worst slump last year, but it is a necessary power to add a force to the team. The progression is also difficult to transfer. 

The second is the atmosphere of the fans. The antipathy towards FA ransom bubbles is strong, especially in online. There is a constant voice of opposition in large contracts. The Hanwha team is in a position to press the players with positive public opinion. 

The third is the team work of the Hanwha team. Hanwha declared full-scale rebuilding two years ago. He did not recruit outside FAs for three consecutive years until this season. Foreigners are caustic, raising. We are collecting the team''s ability to nurture young athletes. Last year, based on this achievement. Veterans are becoming more and more narrower in their homes. 

The athletes are embarrassed. Suddenly the atmosphere is just stunned. In addition to Hanhwa, except for the big FAs in all 10 teams, cold winds are sighing. Currently, it is unlikely to receive an OK sign from the club without accepting an uncertain mass option. 
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